E-TEC Inline Engines

Proven technology and legendary performance.

Easy dealer maintenance requirements from the time you take your outboard home makes an Evinrude easy to own. With less parts than most four-strokes engines – like no valves, no belts, no camshafts or pulleys to adjust or replace, you get fewer problems and fewer repairs.

No mixing of oil and gas thanks to the E-CAL multi-point auto lube system. Oil is metered directly to critical engine points while complete combustion ensures that only the precise amount required is used: no oil ever escapes into the environment. There is no need for oil changes.

So what’s the goal? Simple. Beat everything on the water in everything from speed and torque to fuel efficiency. Whether you are running slow, fast or anywhere in between. More power on the water with an Evinrude!

Woodbine Out And About

Happy customers and staff alike having fun on the water all over New Zealand.

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